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Parents` Zone

Here you will find useful links to websites and documents, and information about our Parents’ Association – The Friends of the Butts (F.O.B.S).


                                       Communication between the School and Parents

We believe that communication is a very important part of our partnership working with parents.
We communicate with parents in a number of ways.  We communicate both orally - in person and by telephone, and in writing, through letters, text messages, surveys and the school website.

Oral communication

  • Parents may impart a brief item of information when dropping their children off in the morning
  • If the matter is more complex, an appointment can be made via the school office to speak to the relevant member of staff
  • The office staff are available to answer a range of queries and provide information
  • Parents have the opportunity to attend a group ‘Meet the Teacher’ meeting early in the Autumn Term, when questions can be asked, and a more formal individual parent consultation meeting in the Autumn and Spring term when progress and targets will be discussed
  • Prospective parents have the opportunity to attend an information meeting prior to their children starting school
  • Occasionally, following changes to the curriculum, an additional group meeting for parents will be held prior to residential trips, SATs, sex education etc.
  • Groups of parents are also invited, periodically, to attend forums to discuss aspects of school life.  Until recently, this was by invitation based on the child’s register number, but currently it is by year group.

Written communication 

  • Letters, covering a range of topics, are sent to parents.  Sometimes these are whole school letters, which will be sent either by email (if that has been requested) or in hard copy, in which case they are usually sent to the eldest child in a family, only
  • Letters are also posted on the website in the Parent’s Zone; these can be found using the Letters link
  • Monthly newsletters are sent out to parents and also appear in the News and Events section of the website, using the Newsletters link
  • A lot of other useful information, including policies, information, forthcoming events, photos etc. can also be found on the website
  • Every 2 or 3 years, parents are surveyed to find out how they feel about aspects of the provision for their children’s education
  • A brief written report sheet about each child’s attainment is issued at the Spring parent consultation meeting and a much more detailed report about attitude, attainment, progress, and next steps is issued in the Summer Term

N.B. If you would prefer the majority of communications to be digital and have not already requested it, please contact the school office or call 01420 84102