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Things Parents Should Know About Our School

The School Day


Doors open


Morning school begins

10:40 – 10:55





Afternoon school begins

14:35 – 14:45

Playtime (EYFS and KS1 only)


School day ends

We want to care for your child and see that he or she is properly supervised whilst in school. Children should not arrive before 8.40 a.m. or stay later than 3.15 pm unless they are attending breakfast club, after school club or extra-curricular activities organised by the school, although we do ask you to ensure that your child is collected promptly after such activities.

Although registration for the beginning of school takes place at 8.50am, children are invited into class from 8.40 am onwards to settle to early morning tasks. We aim to develop the children’s independence, and request that parents do not accompany them into the cloakroom or classroom, unless seeing the class teacher very briefly for a particular reason.

When collecting your child at the end of the school day please wait outside the classrooms or on the playground. Your child will be dismissed by the teacher so that we can ensure that he/she is accounted for and that letters and items to be taken home are distributed. Classes will not normally be dismissed earlier than 3.15 pm except in special circumstances (e.g. concerts, sports day) where you will be informed and asked to see the class teacher in order to sign out your child. Older children may walk home alone providing the school has received written authorisation from parents in advance.

Parents are not permitted to use the school car parks, as space is very limited and it increases the risk of accident or incident. Arrangements can be made, on request at the school office, for disabled drivers. Please park considerately in the vicinity of the school not obstructing paths or driveways.

Absences, Lateness, Holidays during Term Time

Regular attendance at school is very important so that opportunities for learning are not missed. Schools are obliged to report the number of times a child is absent or late during the school year and the reason for absence must be recorded. In order to help us collate this information, we ask parents to notify us on the first day of absence and in advance of hospital or other medical appointments.

If your child is ill for one to four days, please telephone the school on each day of the absence. A message from your child via another child will not do. Absences are viewed as ‘unauthorised’ if no explanation is given. Occasionally a child will arrive late for school. They must report to the school office in order to be registered present.

Parents may occasionally ask to take their family holiday during term time and will need to collect an ‘Application for Leave of Absence’ form from the office beforehand. The Headteacher is only permitted to give approval to term time holidays in exceptional circumstances, however.  Other requests will be refused and any resulting absence will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’.  (See further information about attendance in this section of the website (parent zone/term dates)

Important Information

The well-being of your children is one of our main priorities. Three of our staff hold a ‘First Aid Work’ qualification and three staff are qualified in ‘Early Years First Aid’. A Qualified First Aider deals with minor accidents and illnesses during school time, including the lunch break. We will always contact you if your child is considered to be too unwell for lessons or if s/he has received a bump on the head.

Contacting you in an emergency

We need to know how to reach you or a person nominated by you who will care for your child in an emergency. Please complete the data sheet annually and let us know in writing of any changes.

Collecting your child from school

Your child will only be allowed to leave school during the day with a parent or someone named by you, and must be collected promptly at the end of the day.

Healthy Eating Policy

Our school has enhanced healthy schools status and, as such, we encourage children to live healthy lifestyles and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Children may bring fruit, vegetables, dried fruit or a healthy alternative for playtime snacks. Fruit is provided free for children in KS1. Children are encouraged to drink water freely throughout the day, and are allowed named water bottles in the classroom.

Medical / Dental Checks

The School Health Service carries out screening for hearing or vision defects or dental problems. No treatment is ever given in school. You may be offered the opportunity to discuss your child’s health with the school nurse. No medical examination will take place without your consent.

No Smoking Policy

The school operates a no smoking policy, which applies to all staff and visitors anywhere on the school site.

Fire Drill

A fire drill takes place every term. Our alarm system and extinguishers are checked regularly and all staff undertake basic fire training. All visitors are required to read our fire and health and safety information before starting work in the school.

Medicines in school

When a child requires regular medication (e.g. asthma inhalers) or needs to complete a course of antibiotics, we are prepared to supervise their administration in line with our medicines policy which is available from the office or the policies section of this website (follow the school information link) Parents must complete a medicine form and all medication must be in its original packaging, clearly labelled with the child’s name and dosage, and brought to the school office. No medication may be kept in a child’s bag or pocket.

Equal Opportunities

We believe that equal opportunities is about ensuring that every member of the school is regarded as being of equal worth and importance, irrespective of their religion, culture, ethnic origin, gender, age or disability. We consider that equality of opportunity and inclusion are central to high quality education. It is about working towards fairness, justice, respecting rights and understanding responsibilities and ensuring that all individuals can achieve their potential.

Reasonable adjustments will be made wherever possible to meet the needs of people with disabilities, including the provision of disabled toilet facilities, an induction loop, information in different formats and parking. For further information, please contact the school office. We have a single equality scheme and accessibility policy which outline our current equality priorities and objectives.  These are available to view in the school office or in the policies section of this website.