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Think Safe

Think Safe Trip 11.10.2018

By ST – Y6

At the Think Safe trip we first had to think about fly tipping (massive dumps of rubbish.) We learnt where to put it including the tip, recycling and your bin at home.

After that, we went to go and see the police about how to keep safe if there is a stranger. He told us the directions to go but on the way there, we bumped into someone we did not know she asked us to come and help her get the dogs so Emmie and Sydney went. As we went on or way with the police they said ‘is this your whole class’ and we said no Emmie and Sydney have gone to get the dogs and the police said ‘what dogs’ they we all realised they had tricked us and demonstrated how easily you could go off with a stranger.

We learnt how to be prepared and speak clearly giving an address if we had to report a fire to 999 – the fire alarm went and our class went outside. Scarlett called 999 and told them the address of where we were and they said they would be on their way. She was very clear and impressed the officer.

Next, we went to talk about The Dogs Trust and how to keep safe when there is an aggressive dog. We must stand still and straight with your arms across your body, not dangling down otherwise the dog might nip you. Also, don’t make eye contact with the dog because in dog language this a sign of offensive behaviour and it also makes them feel they are in danger and will want to fight back.

When swimming we learnt how you must keep safe by following the red and yellow flags on the beach. The black and white chequered flags are there to remind you that only boats and surfboards are allowed. The red flag means danger do not swim here. We all performed a freeze frame about how crowded some beaches are and the dangers of floating out to sea. Finally, we learnt about Domestic Abuse: Physical, Isolating, Emotional and Psychological, Financial and threatening behaviour are all different types.

We really enjoyed learning about all the different ways to think safe and found it interesting.

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