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The Butts Primary School

School Trips

At  the  Butts  Primary  School  we  aim  to  enhance  the  curriculum  through  rich  and varied  learning  opportunities.    We  believe  that  first  hand  experience  is  an  important aspect  of  learning.    Many  experiences  can  be  catered  for  in  school.    However,  we recognise  that  some  learning  experiences  are  accessed  more  effectively  off  site.    As with  all  learning  activities,  the  health  and  safety  of  pupils,  staff  and  helpers  is paramount  at  all  times.


Day Trips

Every class will undertake at least one school trip every academic year. These will be linked to the curriculum to ensure that they have significant educational value and there will be follow-up activities.

Residential Trips

Children will have the opportunity to attend a 5 day residential trip in both Years 5 and 6. In the 2021/22 Academic Year, our Year 5 children are due to go to New Barn Field Centre and our Year 6 children are due to go to Hindleap Warren Outdoor Centre. 

The safety of our children on all offsite trips is paramount and further details of our procedures and protocols can be found in our Offsite Activities Policy.

Offsite Activities Policy