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The Butts Primary School


Here at The Butts Primary School our homework supports children from Year R to Year 6 to share their work and learning with their parents and carers in a meaningful way, as well as prepare the children for secondary school.

English Homework

For us, the most important homework is reading. It helps children calm down and relax, opening doors of new knowledge to enlighten their minds. Children who read, grow up to have better cognitive skills. Parents are encouraged to read to their children daily and also spend time listening to their children read to them. We believe that a great deal of being a successful reader is the ability to discuss what has been read and use the knowledge to continually build a greater understanding of the world around them.

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Dependent on year group, the children will also be working on phonic sounds, tricky words or spellings. We suggest little and often works best for committing these to memory. Build up daily so your child feels they are achieving. If they are struggling, try getting active and have the sounds or words hidden around the house. Fancy pens can also help to motivate reluctant writers!

Maths Homework

Again this is very dependent on year group and ranges from recognising numbers, to number bonds to times tables. Little and often is still the best policy for committing things to memory and we recommend using apparatus to build knowledge.

Look at ‘arrays’ in real life and discuss the grouping you can see e.g. cake tins, egg boxes, crayons, chocolate bars, lego, ice cube trays. Turn multiplication into story problems e.g. Everyday Jayden has 5 grapes in his lunch box. How many grapes does he eat during the week?  Use the vocabulary related to multiplication by asking questions in different ways e.g. What is 2 multiplied by 6? Give me three multiples of 5? What is 4 x 4? How many groups can you see?

Topic Homework

We provide a bingo grid of ideas and activities related to the half termly topics. We ask children to pick activities which will help them to find out more about their topic, share their learning with their families and show their skills and talents to their class.

Year 5 and 6 Homework

In Year 5 and 6, we start to prepare children for secondary school and introduce Maths and English tasks. These start half termly and build to weekly worksheets. We teach the children to start planning their time and help them complete their work independently with time to discuss with their teachers if they are struggling.